9 December 2013

A Load of Old Cameras

Calling all camera enthusiasts!
35 cameras to identify

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting images of the 35 individual camera blocks
which make up the complete print "A Load of Old Cameras", shown below.
A Load of Old Cameras
Currently on tour with the Society of Wood Engravers 76th Annual Exhibition
Engraved limited edition print by Neil Bousfield
Image size(mm) 305w x 420h

To view the individual cameras, follow me on Twitter - 
and help identify the camera make & model within each print ...
tweet or email your answer, including the tag  #ALoadofOldCameras  in all replies, thank you!!

 Twitter:  Neil Bousfield @inkyfngerspress
 Email:  prints@inkyfingerspress.com