17 September 2013

A passion for drawing & printmaking: 1992-2013

Clair has been busy cataloguing my work in preparation for an update to my web site and has discovered my print collection, blocks I have cut and printed, includes hundreds of individual lino cuts, wood cuts and engravings, plus my book work engravings. 

I made my first prints around 1992 when Clair found her old lino cutting kit and I haven't really stopped since.  It has been good looking through the plan chests at all my old work to see how it has developed over the years; from the naiive, expressive linocuts and woodcuts of the 1990’s to the complex cuts of the engravings I am producing now.

Drawing forms the basis of all my work and has been fundamental to my practice since art college where my tutors instilled the importance of drawing daily. Drawing inspires me and my practice as a relief printmaker and artist. By drawing the familiar (objects and landscapes) through observation I record a sense of place and this inspires my printmaking. Both drawing and printmaking have become a real passion over the years.
I think if Clair knew what it would all lead to, as she now spends hours scanning in my collection of prints, she may not have introduced me to her lino cutting kit all those years ago when we were renting a cottage on a farm and had time on our hands .. home brewing beer, drawing and lino cutting .. perfect.