16 November 2012

Four wood blocks

I was pleased to receive in the post 4 small blank maple blocks to try out, sent by my friend, Canadian wood engraver, book artist, author, illustrator and educator George Walker . To have the opportunity to use wood instead of my usual plastic, vinyl or lino was a real treat and it was some time before I dared use these beautiful blocks! However, curiosity got the better of me and I completed 4 drawn designs, cut and printed the blocks. Here they are:

Chip and Peach by Neil Bousfield
Clair & Peach  Image size (mm): 53 w x 77 h

Peachy Boy by Neil Bousfield
  Peachy Boy  Image size (mm): 70 w x 61 h

Along the Sea Wall by Neil Bousfield
Along the sea wall  Image size (mm): 77 w x 53 h

Fishing by Neil Bousfield
Fishing  Image size (mm): 53 w x 77 h